Major Montreal arranged criminal activity figure Raynald Desjardins to appear soon

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Major Montreal arranged criminal activity figure Raynald Desjardins to appear soon

Desjardins was actually sentenced in 2016 for playing the leading role in story to destroy Mafioso Salvatore Montagna last year.

For decades, Raynald Desjardins had strong ties to both the Rizzuto business therefore the Hells Angels in Quebec. Image by Image complimentary Radio Canada

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Montreal’s prepared crime scene could rapidly get stressful as Raynald Desjardins, an effective mob figure during the urban area for decades, will reach their legal production time and escape a federal penitentiary soon.



Desjardins, 67, was providing a sentence he gotten in 2016 after the guy pleaded accountable to being the main conspiracy to kill Salvatore Montagna, a Mafia frontrunner who moved from ny to Montreal and made an effort to take control of the Montreal Mafia.

Significant Montreal arranged crime figure Raynald Desjardins to appear quickly back again to videos

Originally, Desjardins and Montagna worked along so that they can take control from the Rizzuto organization. But research obtained during a Combined causes specialized Enforcement Unit (CFSEU) medicine trafficking examination expose their connection soured. People made an effort to kill Desjardins in Laval last year, and also the evidence uncovered Desjardins and men who worked underneath your plotted to destroy Montagna as a result. While he along with his co-conspirators happened to be energized regarding the Montagna’s slaying, no one was fundamentally convicted of experiencing in fact completed the homicide.


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Montagna is murdered on Nov. 24, 2011, in Charlemagne, just east of Montreal.

For decades, Desjardins had strong links to both the Rizzuto business together with Hells Angels in Quebec. During the early 1990s, he was tangled up in a strategy to smuggle a lot of cocaine into Canada. The plot involved big figures from the Hells Angels additionally the Montreal Mafia. Desjardins wound up helping a 15-year prison phrase for their role for the reason that plot.

During the 1980s, he had been therefore near to mob boss Vito Rizzuto that police usually regarded their unique team while the Rizzuto-Desjardins company.

The CFSEU research that revealed the land to eliminate Montagna additionally revealed that Desjardins handled big gang of guys.

In December 2016, Dejardins had been sentenced to an overall 14-year prison name for his major role for the storyline to eliminate Montagna. However with time-served factored in, he was remaining with a prison phrase of six age and half a year.


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He decided not to request a parole hearing while behind bars and then he for that reason instantly qualifies for a statutory release as he hits two-thirds tag associated with phrase. In such cases, the Parole Board of Canada is limited to imposing circumstances on an offender’s release.

“You need described that as you happened to be recognized in milieu plus if perhaps you were in your retirement, you had been consulted by previous compatriots in the context of a combat between various activities that changed inside the milieu in the Mafia,” the Parole Board of Canada observed within the choice generated on Wednesday to enforce at least five conditions on Desjardins’s launch.

The board furthermore noted that “current available details indicates that you have been an essential and influential person in traditional systematic criminal activity for many years.”


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One condition necessitates that Desjardins perhaps not associate with any identified burglars or folks associated with medication trafficking when it comes to rest of their sentence. It was a problem for Desjardins as he served his 15-year phrase as he was actually returned behind pubs one or more times for having came across with a Montreal Mafia chief while from a statutory launch back then.

Your choice additionally notes Desjardins claimed he has small comprehension of their current financial situation. The parole panel cautioned Desjardins that “transparency is actually essential” when he provides facts to a parole policeman on their earnings along with his expenditures while he is going on legal production.

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